October 2016

What is the Gospel?

Guest Speaker – Jeff Kelly

Ethical Priorities of a God-Centered Life (pt. 1) Religious Ethics

When God’s People Go To War

Justice and the People of God

September 2016

Leaders of the Reedemed – Part 2

Guest Speaker Jason Stickler

Leaders of the Redeemed – Part 1

Holy Days: A Life of Communion with God

August 2016

The Sabbatical Year: A Case Study in Loving Your Neighbor

Loving God in the Mundane

Voices of Temptation

The Worship of the Lord

July 2016

The Lord Who Goeth Before

God’s Hand in Our Story

Living in the Light of Christ

What the Lord Requires

God’s Grace & My Weakness

June 2016

The Danger of Spiritual Decay

God’s Chosen People

Unique God, Unique Devotion

Unique God, Unique Devotion

May 2016

The Tenth Commandment

The Believer’s Baptism

“Why Do We Rejoice”