May 2017

Guest Speaker

overthrowing kingdoms

April 2017

Jesus’ First Followers

Taking the Word of God Seriously

The Hope of the Resurrection

Good Friday Service

The Inauguration of Jesus

The Ministry of John the Baptist

March 2017

Guest Speaker Pastor John Miller “Prayer”

The Beginning of the Gospel

Proof of Identification

God’s Glory among the Nations

February 2017

A Unique Ending

The Song of Moses

January 2017

The Blessings and Curses of the Covenant

Exercising Yourself for Godliness

God’s Purpose in Salvation

December 2016

Christmas 2016 – Recording Error Please enjoy last years sermon

Why Did God Become A Man? Part 1

Ethical Priorities of a God-Centered Life

Core Values of Gospel Life

November 2016

Loving in Light of Christ

Ethical Priorities of a God-centered Life – “Business Ethics”

Ethical Priorities of a God Centered Life – Philanthropic Ethics

Ethical Priorities of a God Centered Life – Familial Ethics