February 2018

Broken Things

January 2018

The Quest for Cleansing

Service Shortened due to City Water Outage

Replay of new years day service

December 2017

New Beginnings

Appreciating Christmas pt 2

Appreciating Christmas

Fork in the Road

State of the Church Address 2017

The Most Needful Thing

November 2017

Submission to Government as Gospel Preaching


Dying of Thirst

Missionary Presentation – Steve Trexler

Walking in Circles

October 2017

The Fish and the Loaves


The Sending of the Twelve

Biblical Evangelism Part 2 – SS

Gospel-Driven Contentment


September 2017

Biblical Evangelism – SS


A High Water Mark

International Involvement + 2018 Navaho Mission Invitational

Portraits of Faith

Calming Troubled Souls

August 2017

The Winds and the Waves Still Know

The Mystery of the Kingdom