December 2018

Worse Than You Imagined

The Significance of the Incarnation

Olivet Discourse part IV

Gospel Priorities

November 2018

Submission & Wise Living in Marriage as Gospel Preaching

The Olivet Discourse Part 2

The Olivet Discourse

Genuine Piety part 2

October 2018

Genuine Piety

Jonathan and Hannah Romaine, Our Missionaries to Spain

The Gospel’s Advance

Jason and Ally Strickler, Our Missionaries to Columbia

September 2018

Pastor John Miller

Marching Orders

Standing on the Promises

August 2018

Politics and Religion

Life-altering Truths

A Question of Authority

July 2018

From a Distance

Poetry with Power


Submission to Bad Bosses as Gospel Preaching

Lessons of Discipleship

Abandoning the Pursuit

June 2018

When Suffering Doesn’t Make Sense

Ken Korns Guest Speaker