August 2020

The Prodigal Son pt. 2 (Stickler)

The Prodigal Son pt. 1 (Stickler)

July 2020

Walking Humbly, Standing Firm

Where Does Change Come From

Fellowship in the Gospel

June 2020

Let The Little Children Come to Me

 let the little children come to me  

Shepherding the Shepherded

Prayer, an Expression of the Heart

How To Suffer

May 2020


March 2020

Amazing Love (Survey of Hosea)

July 2019

Facing Mistreatment as Gospel Preaching

November 2018

Submission & Wise Living in Marriage as Gospel Preaching

December 2017

New Beginnings

October 2017

Biblical Evangelism Part 2 – SS

Gospel-Driven Contentment


June 2017

Thinking Biblically about Parenting

January 2017

Exercising Yourself for Godliness

December 2016

Christmas 2016 – Recording Error Please enjoy last years sermon

Core Values of Gospel Life

October 2016

What is the Gospel?

Guest Speaker – Jeff Kelly

September 2016

Leaders of the Reedemed – Part 2

July 2016

The Lord Who Goeth Before

January 2016

The Learning Curve of Faith pt1