September 2019

A Posture of Defiance


Suspicious Minds

August 2019

Fighting for the Gospel

Looming Judgment

The Lord Saves

July 2019

Redeeming Sex


Facing Mistreatment as Gospel Preaching

Worshipping the Context of God’s Providence

June 2019

Trusting God’s Providence

Wrestling with God’s Providence

Chris and Sarah Collins from Mexico

Faithful Discipleship

Cross of Christ Part 2

May 2019

The Cross of Christ (Part 1)

Contempt for the King

Making a Good Confession

Ignoring the Danger

April 2019

The Last Supper

Resurrection and the Life

Suffering Servant

Extravagant Devotion

Paradise Regained

March 2019

All is Vanity

Just Be Held

From Be Ye Holy