December 2013

The Lamb of God

November 2013

John: The Redneck Baptist

Grace Upon Grace

Life and Light

Grace Giving

October 2013

Treasure Principle

God Commissioned Joshua

The Pre-existent Christ

Introduction to John

September 2013

Connecting in the Body

Ken Korns – Keeping the Faith

Abundant Life: Living Life to the Fullest

Making Jesus’ Mission Your Mission

A Theology of Work

August 2013

Christ In The Covenants

The Sovereign Servant

The Slaughtered Served: Wicked Hands- Willing Victim

Missionary Steve Trexker

We were privileged to have one of our gospel partner Missionaries visit with us this Sunday.

July 2013

The Substituted Servant

The 5th Gospel Part 2: The Rejected Servant

The 5th Gospel Part 1: Servant Song 4

The Cause of Creation

June 2013

When Your Seat is Empty: What you miss

The Obedient Servant (Servant Song # 3) Part 1

The Servant Song # 2