September 2013

Abundant Life: Living Life to the Fullest

Making Jesus’ Mission Your Mission

A Theology of Work

August 2013

Christ In The Covenants

The Sovereign Servant

The Slaughtered Served: Wicked Hands- Willing Victim

Missionary Steve Trexker

We were privileged to have one of our gospel partner Missionaries visit with us this Sunday.

July 2013

The Substituted Servant

The 5th Gospel Part 2: The Rejected Servant

The 5th Gospel Part 1: Servant Song 4

The Cause of Creation

June 2013

When Your Seat is Empty: What you miss

The Obedient Servant (Servant Song # 3) Part 1

The Servant Song # 2

Family Fun Fest Radio Spot

  Our 1st Annual Family Fun Fest.

The Suffering Servant, Part 1

May 2013


Daniel: The Non-Conformist

First Gospel

Christ in the Old Testament (Introduction)

An introductory message to the series “Christ & the Gospel in the Old Testament.” This message shows that without Christ & His Gospel we are missing the point of the scriptures — especially in the Old Testament. Using the two key passages of John 5 and Luke 24 this sermon asserts proposition that the Old Testament gives Witness to […]

April 2013

Doing Life Together

  James 5:16-20 Doing Life together involves… Working through problems Biblically. Getting involved in each others’ lives Spiritually. Seeking to restore each other Lovingly.

Real Faith In Community (Part 2)

Real Faith in Community (Part 1)

March 2013

Gospel Essentials Easter 2013

The Heart of the Gospel