April 2014

The Light is Green, Don’t Stop

In this message Dr. Martin shares a philosophy of ministry. The focus of the message is based in Galatians 6:9.  

I give myself to prayer

A tremendous message on prayer. 

March 2014

Dr. Billy Martin 3-31-14

Dr. Billy Martin 3-30-14

The Heart of Romans

Miracles & A Greater Miracle (Encounters With Jesus #5)

Believing Jesus’ Word

Encounters with Jesus #3: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Jesus > Me < Jesus

February 2014

Light For the Condemned

The Greatest love Story Ever Told

Encounters with Jesus, Part 1 Nicodemus: God’s Kingdom of Unlikely People

Convenient Worship: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

January 2014

Pastor Michael Yates

2014 State of the Church Address

The 2014 State of the Church Address.

Jesus’ First Sign: Water Into Wine

Mentoring Disciples

December 2013

Following Jesus

Immanuel Trilogy

Prelude – Disciple

The Lamb of God

November 2013

John: The Redneck Baptist

Grace Upon Grace

Life and Light

Grace Giving