May 2014

Mother’s of Virtue

Mother’s Day is a day that we show honor to special ladies in our lives. But…What women are worthy of honor? What is the criteria?

April 2014

Jesus’ Radical Claim

Risen for Our Justification: Easter Service

The Unlikely Hero

Wheat and Tares: Kingdom Parables

Goals of this Message: Encourage you about evil & good –co-existing in this world. So that you might have an understanding of the evils associated with Christianity today and also in history. Warn those in the midst here that are not part of the body of Christ.

The Light is Green, Don’t Stop

In this message Dr. Martin shares a philosophy of ministry. The focus of the message is based in Galatians 6:9.  

I give myself to prayer

A tremendous message on prayer. 

March 2014

Dr. Billy Martin 3-31-14

Dr. Billy Martin 3-30-14

The Heart of Romans

Miracles & A Greater Miracle (Encounters With Jesus #5)

Believing Jesus’ Word

Encounters with Jesus #3: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Jesus > Me < Jesus

February 2014

Light For the Condemned

The Greatest love Story Ever Told

Encounters with Jesus, Part 1 Nicodemus: God’s Kingdom of Unlikely People

Convenient Worship: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

January 2014

Pastor Michael Yates

2014 State of the Church Address

The 2014 State of the Church Address.

Jesus’ First Sign: Water Into Wine

Mentoring Disciples

December 2013

Following Jesus

Immanuel Trilogy

Prelude – Disciple