December 2014

Radical Love in the Broader Community

Radical Love in the Christian Community

November 2014

Priorities of a Gospel Centered Church

15 tips on how to treat your Pastor

a bend in the road

Pastor Ken Korns

October 2014

Ensuring your Salvation

Pastor Mike Wyatt

Missionary Steve Trexler

September 2014

Making a Difference For Eternity

A Continuing Church

Gospel Calibration

Following Christ Means Radical Change of Heart and Life

August 2014

Deliberate Delay

Embrace Your Sheepishness

Born Blind for the Glory of God


July 2014

Phony Faith – Exposing Religious Fakers

Singing Joy to the World

June 2014

If Anyone Is Thirsty

Spoiled Food or Satisfying Bread

Pastor Ken Korns

The Miracle of Presence: Walking On Water

Lessons From Leftovers

May 2014

Jesus on Trial: The Witness of the Word

Life-Giver and Judge