June 2015

Blessed Beyond Measure (part 2)

Blessed Beyond Measure

Riches and Responsibilities

May 2015

Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves

**Caution: Audio failure at 18:20, remove headphones or turn down volume until pop sound passes**

Gospel Advance in Difficult Relationships

Belief That Demands Behavior

Behavior that Tallies with Belief

A Faith worth fighting for

April 2015

The Right Man for the Job

Of Creeds and Deeds

Being A Deliberate Church

The Hope of the Resurrection

March 2015

The Biblical Balance of Truth and Faith

The Confident Christian

Same Song, Second Verse

Testing The Spirits

Back to Basics

February 2015

Pursuing Godliness in the Light of Christ

Perservering In The Faith

January 2015

The Allurement of the World

Living Like a Christian

The Disappearance of Sin

The Heart of Christianity

December 2014

“The Coming of the King” Part (2)

The Coming of the King