November 2017

Dying of Thirst

March 2015

Same Song, Second Verse

February 2015

Pursuing Godliness in the Light of Christ

Perservering In The Faith

January 2015

The Allurement of the World

Living Like a Christian

The Disappearance of Sin

August 2014

Deliberate Delay

Embrace Your Sheepishness

July 2014

Phony Faith – Exposing Religious Fakers

June 2014

If Anyone Is Thirsty

Spoiled Food or Satisfying Bread

The Miracle of Presence: Walking On Water

Lessons From Leftovers

May 2014

Jesus on Trial: The Witness of the Word

Life-Giver and Judge

April 2014

Jesus’ Radical Claim

The Unlikely Hero

March 2014

Miracles & A Greater Miracle (Encounters With Jesus #5)

Believing Jesus’ Word

Encounters with Jesus #3: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Jesus > Me < Jesus

February 2014

Light For the Condemned

The Greatest love Story Ever Told

Encounters with Jesus, Part 1 Nicodemus: God’s Kingdom of Unlikely People