May 2019

Contempt for the King

Making a Good Confession

Ignoring the Danger

April 2019

The Last Supper

Extravagant Devotion

December 2018

Olivet Discourse part IV

November 2018

The Olivet Discourse Part 2

The Olivet Discourse

Genuine Piety part 2

October 2018

Genuine Piety

September 2018

Standing on the Promises

August 2018

Politics and Religion

Life-altering Truths

A Question of Authority

July 2018

From a Distance

Lessons of Discipleship

Abandoning the Pursuit

June 2018

Recognizing the Miracle

May 2018

Recognizing the Miracle


Divorce and Remarriage

April 2018

Service and Sacrifice

March 2018

Service and Sacrifice

Running Into a Brick Wall

More Than Meets the Eye


February 2018

Following Jesus