May 2020

Pastor Yates

January 2020

How are You Using Your Spiritual Gifts?

Speaker P  

November 2019

The Work of Christ: Imprisoned Spirits and a Baptism that Saves

September 2019

Chuck Flesher of Associated Gospel Churches

July 2018

Submission to Bad Bosses as Gospel Preaching

June 2018

Ken Korns Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker: Tim Hawes

November 2017

Missionary Presentation – Steve Trexler

September 2017

International Involvement + 2018 Navaho Mission Invitational

July 2017

Living Temple, Holy Priests

June 2017

Guest Speaker


May 2017

Guest Speaker

March 2017

Guest Speaker Pastor John Miller “Prayer”

God’s Glory among the Nations

September 2016

Guest Speaker Jason Stickler

May 2016

“Why Do We Rejoice”

April 2016

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

July 2015

How Do I Tell People The Gospel?

November 2014

15 tips on how to treat your Pastor

a bend in the road

Pastor Ken Korns

October 2014

Ensuring your Salvation

Missionary Steve Trexler

July 2014

Singing Joy to the World

June 2014

Pastor Ken Korns