June 2021

Jim Reel of Believer’s Fellowship

Real and Fake Love

May 2021

The Ordinance of Baptism


That Your Joy May Be Full

We Cannot Stop Speaking

10 Things You Should Know About The Lord’s Supper

April 2021

The Prince of Life

God is Love and Works in and Through Love

The Gospel Saves

The Resurrection: So What?

March 2021

Life Together

Being a Pentecostal Christian

being a  

Speaking of Food and Water

God Has Made Him Both Lord and Christ

February 2021


The Un-anxious Presence

The Church’s One Foundation: “Jesus”

Psalm 42

January 2021

Yet I Will Rejoice In The Lord

P – petition R – remember A – acknowledge Y – yielding

The Prodigal Prophet Pt. 2

December 2020

Pictures of the Christ


November 2020

Jason Stickler

He Ascended on High

October 2020

Steve Trexler