February 2021

The Church’s One Foundation: “Jesus”

January 2021

Let Another Take His Office

December 2020

Pictures of the Christ

Hitting Rewind: Undoing the Curse

November 2020

He Ascended on High

October 2020

Marching Orders

September 2020

Final Words

July 2020

Walking Humbly, Standing Firm

June 2020

Shepherding the Shepherded

How To Suffer

May 2020

Pastor Yates

November 2019

The Work of Christ: Imprisoned Spirits and a Baptism that Saves

July 2019

Facing Mistreatment as Gospel Preaching

November 2018

Submission & Wise Living in Marriage as Gospel Preaching

July 2018

Submission to Bad Bosses as Gospel Preaching

November 2017

Submission to Government as Gospel Preaching


July 2017

Living Temple, Holy Priests

November 2016

Loving in Light of Christ

July 2016

Living in the Light of Christ

May 2016

“Why Do We Rejoice”

April 2016

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

November 2015

Pastor Yates

July 2015

How Do I Tell People The Gospel?

October 2014

Ensuring your Salvation

July 2014

Singing Joy to the World