December 2021

Heralds of Light and Redemption

October 2021

Jesus, Ruler, and Deliverer, Prophet and Lawgiver

The Betrayed, Exalted, Sustaining Son

Jesus, Fulfillment of Abraham’s Promises

Following Christ, Even When it Hurts

August 2021

Guarding Through Serving

The Unstoppable Jesus

June 2021

Real and Fake Love

May 2021

We Cannot Stop Speaking

April 2021

The Prince of Life

The Resurrection: So What?

March 2021

Life Together

Being a Pentecostal Christian

being a  

God Has Made Him Both Lord and Christ

February 2021

The Church’s One Foundation: “Jesus”

January 2021

Let Another Take His Office

December 2020

Pictures of the Christ

Hitting Rewind: Undoing the Curse

November 2020

He Ascended on High

October 2020

Marching Orders

September 2020

Final Words

July 2020

Walking Humbly, Standing Firm

June 2020

Shepherding the Shepherded

How To Suffer

May 2020

Pastor Yates