January 2020

How We Got the Bible (The NT Canon)

A New Life in Freedom Part 2

How We Got The Bible (Sunday School wk2)

A New Life of Freedom

Making an Informed Decision

December 2019

Our Identity in the Gospel

Celebrating Christmas

Gabriel’s Announcement

A Successful Ministry

Starting Over

November 2019

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Anachronistic Christianity

October 2019

The Superiority of the Gospel

the Story of God’s Promise


Experiencing the Gospel

September 2019

Right Standing Before God

The Danger of Christian Hyporisy

A Posture of Defiance


Suspicious Minds

August 2019

Fighting for the Gospel

Looming Judgment

The Lord Saves

July 2019

Redeeming Sex


Worshipping the Context of God’s Providence

June 2019

Trusting God’s Providence