February 2021


The Un-anxious Presence

The Church’s One Foundation: “Jesus”

Psalm 42

January 2021

Yet I Will Rejoice In The Lord

P – petition R – remember A – acknowledge Y – yielding

The Prodigal Prophet Pt. 2

Let Another Take His Office

The Prodigal Prophet Pt. 1

December 2020

Pictures of the Christ


Hitting Rewind: Undoing the Curse

November 2020

Jason Stickler

He Ascended on High

October 2020

Steve Trexler

The God of all Comfort

Stickler Mission Update 2020

Marching Orders

September 2020

Is There a Hell?

Final Words

Perspective Thanks

My Portion Forever

August 2020

The Prodigal Son’s Brother

The P  

The Prodigal Son pt. 3 (Stickler)

The Pr  

The Prodigal Son pt. 2 (Stickler)

The Prodigal Son pt. 1 (Stickler)