January 2022

The Core of Christianity, Part 1

Blessed Assurance

Looking Forward By Looking Back

December 2021

Advent Through The Eyes – Joseph

Heralds of Light and Redemption

The Cost Of Following Jesus

Advent Through Their Eyes – Mary

November 2021

Advent Through Their Eyes – The Wise Men

Advent Through Their Eyes – Zechariah & Elizabeth

Advent Through Their Eyes – John the baptist

Daniel Sisler Introduction Service

October 2021

Jesus, Ruler, and Deliverer, Prophet and Lawgiver

The Betrayed, Exalted, Sustaining Son

He’s Not Who They Thought He Was

Jesus, Fulfillment of Abraham’s Promises

Following Christ, Even When it Hurts

September 2021

The Core Problem

The Great Commission

A Walk With Christ

August 2021

Guarding Through Serving

Practice The Truth

The Unstoppable Jesus

How Do You Make A Disciple

July 2021

The Necessity & The Sufficiency of Scripture


10 Second Discipleship