5 Questions About Eternity

5 Questions About Eternity

These are 5 Questions you need to answer for yourself. (See the video below)

  1. Who is God?
  2. How does God communicate Himself to you?
  3. Why did God create us?
  4. Do you have a relationship with God?
  5. How does God provide this relationship?


5 Questions About Eternity Full from Galkin Team on Vimeo.

The entire 5 questions plus the intro.

Snow Day Reflections

I trust that you are warm and safe on this snowy and icy evening.

Since we are not having an evening service or Sunday School I wanted to share a few links to reflect on this evening. Most of these are related to the man I mentioned this morning, Ronnie Smith, the 33 year old that was killed this past week. The secular media has mentioned that his death was due to a “random act of violence.” In God’s kingdom there is nothing “random” He does everything for redemptive purposes, even the death of his saints. Neither Ronnie’s life nor his death were wasted in anything “random.” 

Enjoy these. Feel free to start any discussions you like on these topics. Please let us know if there is any way we can minister to you during this snow storm. Make sure our deacons know of any physical needs within our body that you are aware of.

Grace to you,



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What is the Gospel?

If you have questions about this or would like to speak with someone about your spiritual condition, please do not hesitate to contact us. or call 304-788-6357.

Gospel Life 101

If you’re not sure where to start Gospel life 101 is the right place.  It is a 10 week rotating course that introduces the meaning of Christianity, what it means to be a part of a church, and the DNA of Gospel Life.

GL101 is our first steps/let’s get aquanted/new members course and is an expectation of all covenant members.

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Lessons from Esther

This past Lord’s Day we finished our series through the book of Esther. Here are some of the lessons we learned. The entire series can be found on the sermons page.

  • God still determines the destiny of His own.
  • Esther is a reminder to us as well that it is our God who will deliver us.
  • The story of Esther is a sweet comfort when you don’t know where God is. 
  • God is exercising providence even when we don’t see Him.
  • God is in control and keeps his promises even in the midst of the political superpowers of this world.
  • When the empires of men boast in their power – God is advancing His Kingdom.
  • God is invisibly working, through providence, all things (even disappointments and injustices) to bring about His good plan.
  • God works in unlikely places with unlikely people
  • God is faithful to His people no matter what. 
  • Nothing happens by chance. 
  • The key to understanding the story of Esther and our own story, is to realize that neither Esther nor we are the main character, God is. 

 What are some other lessons God taught you during this series? (Please leave them in a comment below)

Evangelism vs. Discipleship

Often we talk about the importance of evangelism or the importance of discipling believers. Some will say things like, “we don’t need to make more Christians we need to focus on making the ones we do have better Christians.” This statement and others like it seem to purport a false dichotomy between evangelism and discipleship. 

I’ve recognized this attitude in my own heart recently and it is an easy temptation to creep into a revitalization work like ours. We may be thinking, “well, we need to get our structures and programs up to speed before we start doing a lot of outreach things” or maybe a similar attitude.

The scriptures on the other hand don’t present it as an either/or but as a but/and. Our commission given in Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:46-49; John 20:21; & Acts 1:8 show us that evangelism and discipleship are to go hand in hand.

Ed Stetzer said, “Our Mission is to make more and better followers of Jesus Christ simultaneously.” A disciple who grows spiritually will have a growing desire to be a witness and reach out to those who are lost.

The scriptures don’t see them in competition. When we ask the scriptures which is more important–evangelism or discipleship the answer is = yes!

So, as we asked in GL 101 this past week, are you telling others about Jesus? Are you right now in the process of helping another christian grow in their discipleship process? These are two of our primary purposes of existence, telling others about Him and helping other followers grow in Him. If you are not doing this then there is a question as to the the health of your following Jesus.

Where do I start? 

The bible already answered that, Jesus said in Matt 9:37-39 to start with prayer. Ask for laborers to be sent and get to work yourself.

This text tells us that there are souls out there to be harvested into the Kingdom and that the problem is that there are not enough workers to work the field.


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A few musical notes…

Last week in our One Anothering passage, we emphasized the importance of speaking to one another and to ourselves with music.  Sometimes we don’t know where to find good music to encourage us throughout the day so here are a few options:

  • In Christ AloneKeith and Kristyn Getty have been at the forefront of the modern hymn movement over the past decade demonstrating the ability to successfully bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary.
  • Depths of Mercy–consists of songs focusing on the mercy and grace of our Lord. These songs of cheerful meditation include many fresh, new songs along with classic hymn texts set to new melodies.
  • From Age to AgeInspired and influenced by hymn writers of the past, From Age to Age contains 14 new hymns that combine rich, theologically driven lyrics with singable melodies for the glory of the Savior whose praises know no end.
  • Sons and Daughters–These songs are meant to direct our attention to the unfathomable love God has shown us in adopting us through Jesus Christ (Eph. 1:5).
  • Awaken the Dawn— is a new collection of hymns and songs from Keith and Kristyn Getty.  With a distinctly Irish flavor and shaped as a service of worship, this album takes you on a lyrical journey of grace and hope for all the nations.
  • Love Will Find A Way–A mix of songs from a new CD by Steve Green
  • The Gathering–An instrumental recollection of hymns and spiritual songs played on hand-made acoustical instruments.
  • To Be Like Jesus–(Great Kids Album) Through these songs kids will learn that Jesus is our perfect example of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. More than that, they’ll discover that we can’t be like Jesus unless we trust in the power of his cross to forgive us and the power of his Spirit to change us.
Often on Christian radio stations, you will hear a challenge to try listening to only Christian music for 30 days.  While that can appear like a marketing tool, it can’t hurt to try it out!  I have witnessed firsthand the difference it can make in my life to have a regular diet of God-honoring, Christ-exalting music.

Visual Bible Application

In keeping with our Galatians series…here’s some visual scripture application of Galatians 6:14 via Desiring God.



What do you think?

What should a Christian’s life be centered around?

We used the phrase, “God-Centered” or “Gospel-Centered” around our church a lot. These ideals are part of our church’s DNA, but what does that look like in the “real world”?

In the New Testament the local church is the center of gospel living and ministry activity. Other parachurch ministries come alongside and help the church, but the New Testament Church is to be the center of a disciple’s spiritual life. In short, a Gospel-Centered (Christ-Centered) life is a Church-Centered life. 

So, what is your life centered around? Here are a few things we’re often centered on…

  • Ourselves: We live in a very self-focused world, we’ve built our homes, cars, and even our shopping to be so that we don’t have to see anyone else all day long.  We think of “our” grades, education, career, schedule, medical issues, retirement, emotional needs, etc. and fail to see the needs of others around us. Focus on ourselves (narcissism) reveals a person without a servant’s heart and the fruit of the Spirit.
  • The Home:  While at first glance, being “family focused” sounds nice, it can be a form of idolatry. These people won’t think twice about missing church routinely for “family time.” They’s make it sound nice by saying, “Sunday’s my only day with the kids.” Some won’t want any church activity unless the entire family is involved, even in homes. They conclude that it is better to limit church time than to limit work time. Family focused people cannot be depended upon to fulfill roles in the church, because”they don’t have time to prepare for a Sunday School class or a sports schedule that demands a routine missing of services.
  • Work: Workaholics are driven by the bottom line. They justify regularly working on the Lord’s day because, “God wants me to be a good steward right?”

Centering our lives on Christ means that we center our lives on functioning as His body – the church. The local church becomes the center.

  • The church is the center for disicpleship. It is where we become learners (disciples) to become a better employee, parent, spouse, and child.
  • The church is the center for encouragement. This is a primary purpose of church functions and why we should attend them (Heb 10:25) to “encourage one another.” Encouragement happens in prayer, demonstrating love one to another, true fellowhsip, and in worship and praise to God.
  • The church is the center for counseling (Galatians 6:1). There are two types of people in this world, those who are competent to counsel and those who are in need of counseling. God has designed the local church to be the primary venue for biblical counseling.
  • The church is the center for exercising your gifts. Every Christian has been given gifts from the Holy Spirit. The church is the place to use them. This will revolutionize your view of attending church. We need you to exercise your gifts at Gospel Life.
  • The church is the center for education. We believe in Christian education; however, a Christian school does not replace the local church as the primary institution for discipleship in the New Testament. A strong Christian school cannot replace a weak church.
  • The church is the center for evangelism & missions. We’re commissioned by our master to “make disciples” of all people groups. That commision involves teaching, modeling, and baptizing, which naturally leads to local church assimilation. “The church is God’s hospital for siners and exercise room for Christians in training. It is not a clubhouse for saints.” When we get together it is a “holy huddle” to break over the gates of hell in this unstoppable movement of the Gospel – the church.
  • The church is the center for social life. True fellowship is a mark of a biblical church. The early chruch devoted themselves to it.

A balanced Christian life will have the local church as a priority. A Gospel-Centered life is a Church-Centered life.

Adapted from chapter 2 of Joe Miller’s book, Building the Church. 

It’s Friday…but Sunday’s Coming

good friday

Here are two videos with the audio of S.M. Lockridge’s famous sermon “Sunday’s Coming.” The first has is powerfully illustrated with footage from “The Passion of the Christ” and the second supplies the text in the screen. Enjoy….