March 2016

The Fourth Commandment

The Third Commandment

The Second Commandment: No Graven Images

February 2016

No Other Gods Before Me

Cultivating Obedience


The Learning Curve of Faith pt2

January 2016

The Learning Curve of Faith pt1

One Act of Unbelief

Times They are a Changing

December 2015

The opportunity of a Lifetime

The Preservation of the King

The Identity of the King

State of the Church Address

November 2015

Pastor Yates

Engaging the Enemy

Equipped for Battle

The Reality of War

Spirit-filled Relationships: Servants and Masters

October 2015

Spirit-Filled Relationships: Children and Parents

Spirit-filled Relationships: Husbands & Wives

Spirit-filled Relationships, Wives & Husbands

Watch Your Step

September 2015

Lighting Up the Darkness

An Atmosphere Conducive to Growth